Thursday, August 22, 2013

School and cookies

Danika started 7th grade. Andrew 5th, Luke 3rd and Jacob 1st. BriLynn will be starting preschool at the beginning of Sept. It's crazy to me that I'll only have one child with me for a few hours of the day.  

 Today we also had a cookie party to kick off the school year. I got the idea a year ago from my awesome friend Kristy. The kids and Moms had fun. Even when the cops showed up ha ha. There was a little boy who came home with Jacob. He told me he asked his mother before he walked home with Jacob and she said it was okay. Well apparently he didn't or maybe he did the cops didn't know where his mom was either. The dad reported him missing to the school. He wouldn't let the cops take him home so they had to call his Dad to pick him up.Very interesting day.

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