Sunday, June 29, 2014

Change is good

About two months ago our family moved from our home of 11 years to another. It was a hard decision. We have felt prompted that we were to move for the last few years. We were looking for homes when Kevin was called to be the Bishop. He had been the second counselor for a couple years before being called. We were looking for homes when this calling came and decided to stay. Well almost four years rolled around and with much prayer and temple attendance we felt it was time for our family. We knew we could not stay in the same place as our family was growing and our home getting smaller. The kids were getting older and they would have a harder time transitioning to a new environment. Plus we were prompted. The home we bought was bigger than we planned on buying. I love the Lords peace. We looked at many homes and even though it was more expensive than we planned we felt peace.

The area has been so welcoming. We have been invited to so many BBQ's and I'm excited to be a part of the neighborhood book club. The kids have made friends easily with the next door neighbors. We were told they were praying for a family with kids to come in. A friend down the road said she was praying for an 11 year old boy to come so her son would have a friend close. There were multiple prayers being answered. The kids have liked the horses that surround us. A family in the ward invited the kids for rides which the kids loved of course.
I thought finally sitting with Kevin during sacrament would be nice since it's been six years. I was mistaken. We usually have a few kids between us and I've come to the conclusion that he missed the hardest years. The kids are all bigger now and he didn't deal with the tantrums that ensued while they were younger.

Andrew has begged for contacts for the last two years. We felt he was responsible enough and this year was the year. He looks so grown up to me.

We updated the handles in our kitchen.You can't see it very well from the first picture but the handles are white and gold. We want to switch all the gold fixtures to oil brushed bronze. We got all the door handles to change out as well. It's convenient that Kevin's parents have an online hardware business so we could get everything when we went to Missouri.
BriLynn caught her first fish while there at their ranch. She was so excited. This one was her first but right after she caught a big catfish. Every few minutes a fish was hooked :)
The kids also had their first experience at catching lightening bugs. They were really pretty to watch.Unfortunately while there we also experienced a lot of ticks. We took 11 off of Johnny bugs...yikes. The kids got some chigger bites too which thankfully I never experienced. 

We are enjoying Summer but I'm afraid we sleep in and stay up way too late now. It's going to be tough to adjust our habits when school starts up. Nights are just too wonderful to go to bed!!!


Felicia said...

Beautiful home! So glad for the way things worked out. We had a speaker in church a few years back who mentioned something about husband and wife sitting together in church. We don't have as many kids as you, but from that day on I've made it a point to sit next to Todd in church, and I've been so grateful for it. It's not always possible, but worth fighting for!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I'm so happy to hear that you've found such a lovely answer to so many prayers. Congrats on the new place!
It's great to see an update from you, your kiddos are growing up so fast.

Nat said...

Congratulations on the new home and new friends! We're feeling that same thing... As our boys get bigger, our house gets smaller! :)