Thursday, November 21, 2013


Things to remember:

We had our home teachers over last night. They asked the kids what they are thankful for. Danika pops up quite promptly and says "boys". Sigh...I'm sure one day when she's grown with a family of her own we'll laugh about it but for now, I'm nervous.

I have been going to the temple every week for the last seven months. Danika started going weekly a couple months ago doing baptisms. One week I'll do a session and the next day Kevin will take Danika to do Baptisms. Then the next week we switch. Most weeks I just sit, watch, read and wait for her to be done but this week I did baptisms with her, it was great. Growing up as a youth I maybe went twice. The temple was two hours away. Kevin has been able to help confirm and other times help with the baptisms. I hope she continues her love of going to the Temple.

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